Competition Rules

1)    The 6th "Neue Sterne" International Piano Competition will take place in Wernigerode  from 9-15 of April, 2018.

Competition Organized by the 
„Freunde Jüdischer Kunst und Kultur e.V“, the „Municipality of Wernigerode.

2)    The Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities   and ages. 

3) The Registration is open from April 1, 2017 till January 31, 2018.

We have no application selection but due the calender of the competition will accept Maxumum 80 earliest applications.

The Repertoire can not be changed after January 31, 2018. 

The Application procedure must be done online. 

Candidates will not be admitted to the contest unless payment will be received.

The entrance fee will not be reimbursed for any reason, except in the cases mentioned at point 10 of the regulation. 

4)    All participants must arrive tot he registration on April 8, 2018. 

5)    The decisions of the jury are final and not subject to review or appeal. 

6)    The jury into equal parts can divide the prizes. The members of the jury may also suggest not to give any reward if they deem that no candidate is worthy. However, the Final decision will be made by the Chairman. 

7)    All the rounds are open to the public and all the performances must be given by heart. 

8)    The Competition consists of 4 rounds. 

9)    If necessary the jury may request competitors some additional performances. 

10) The organizing committee may cancel the competition in case of too few entries. Candidates will be promptly informed and the entrance fee will be refunded. 

11) The program order of the rounds will be drawn by lots at the convocation time. 

12) The drawing order will be followed in all rounds, the final one excepted. The day and the time of the performance will be decided by the secretariat.

The order of appearance in the final will be determined by the jury. 

13) Candidates must fill in the application form listing their program in due order. 

14)  In the eventuality of radio or television productions, audio or video recordings of the tests or of the winners’ concerts the participants have no right to advance claims or financial requests to the producers or transmitters. Participation implies the tacit consent of the above. 

15) The prize-winners of the Neue Sterne International Piano Competition pledge that in the future they will use the title actually given them by the jury.

Any abuse will be legally prosecuted. 

16) The jury is made up of renowned artists and critics. Those members who have or have had, during the two years before the starting date of the competition, didactic relationships with one or more competitors, must retain from taking part in the discussion and in the voting during the above-mentioned competitors’ examinations.

The abstention must be clearly reported in the minutes. During the first meeting, each member of the jury must sign a statement about his/her personal situation towards the participants with reference to above. 

17) Repertoire

„Live Preselection“

Each candidate will perform a program of maximum 15 minutes in length.

The repertoire will consist of works freely chosen by the Pianist, and may include also part/s of the large composition. 


Each candidate will perform a program of maximum 15 minutes in length.

The repertoire will consist of works freely chosen by the Pianist, and may include also part/s of the large composition. 

STAGE 2 – Semi-Final

Each candidate will perform a recital maximum 30 minutes in length.

The repertoire will consist of works freely chosen by the pianist, and may include also part/s of the large composition. 

STAGE 3 – Final with Orchestra 

1 (One) Piano Concerto from the following list:

Mozart. Concerto n. 20 in D minor, K. 466
Mozart. Concerto n. 23 in A major, K. 488  
Mozart. Concerto n. 27 in B flat major, K. 595

Beethoven. Concerto n. 3 in C minor 
Beethoven. Concerto n. 4 in G major 
Beethoven. Concerto n. 5 in E flat major

Chopin. Concerto n. 1 in E minor
Chopin. Concerto n. 2 in F minor

Liszt. Concerto n. 1 in E flat major   
Liszt. Concerto n. 2 in A major

Schumann. Concerto in A minor

Grieg. Concerto in A minor

Rachmaninoff. Concerto n. 2 in C minor

Tchaikovsky.  Concerto n. 1 in B flat minor

• The Competitor may choose the repertoire and decide the playing order of the programs.

• No work shall be repeated at any stage of the Competition.

• Accurate timings of all works chosen must be indicated on the enclosed Application Form.

• All compositions must be played by memory.

• The Competition Repertoire may not be changed after the January 31, 2018

18) Prizes 

1 Prize:
5.000€ and Diploma,   plus 1.000€ for the Prizewinner Concert on April 15, 2018 plus invitation to perform at „Klavierissiomo“ Festival 2019 

2 Prize:
3.000€ and Diploma,  plus 500€ for the Prizewinner Concert on April 15, 2018

3 Prize:
2.000€ and Diploma, plus 500€ for the Prizewinner Concert on April 15, 2018

19) Financial settlements

Travel, accommodation and visa costs, if necessary, are the responsibility of the participants themselves.

To the applicants needing a visa, an official invitation will be sent.

20) Copyright

Full copyright is held by the Society „Freunde Judischer Kunst und Kultur e.V“.
All stages of the Competition may be broadcast live and/or may be recorded and videotaped for subsequent
broadcast, video, DVD, audio recording or any other format/media use.   It is anticipated that recordings of selected Competition performances will be commercially produced, that a documentary of the Competition incorporating selected performances will be produced for television, and that parts of the Competition will be made available on the Internet.

Camera crews may photograph all Competition events.

Neither the ’’Neue Sterne International Piano Competition“, the society „FJKUK e.V“ nor its assignees or licensees may be held liable for anpayments to participants arising out of materials derived from Competition performances.

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